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  Higher Education  
  There are currently around 170 universities and HE colleges and over two million higher education students in the UK. Of these, 87% are from the UK, 4% are from other countries of the European Community, and over 8% are from countries outside of the European Community.


Higher education institutions offer a wide range of qualifications and titles ranging from higher education certificates and diplomas, foundation degrees, bachelors degrees, bachelors degrees with honours and higher (postgraduate) degrees such as masters degrees and doctorates. Typical courses leading to an honours degree last for three years if taken full-time.

Entry requirements

All major higher education institutions are autonomous bodies and each determines its own admissions policy and requirements. Entry is competitive with specific requirements set for each course (in most cases requiring A-level or Scottish Higher or equivalent qualifications). Institutions also welcome applicants from mature candidates with experience but who may lack formal qualifications.

Most undergraduate admissions are dealt with centrally by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) although there are exceptions. Postgraduate admissions are dealt with by institutions directly although an increasing number of institutions are making use of the UCAS UKPASS system.

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