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  Guardianship in the United Kingdom  
  UK Boarding Schools require all their students whose families live overseas to have a legal Guardian at all times during their stay in the UK.

Whilst the school takes responsibility for your child's welfare during the school term, there are times during the term and in particular during the holidays when the school must be able to hand over full responsibility for your child to a properly appointed legal Guardian.

It is during these periods when the school is closed that Guardians takes on this responsibility by providing a Host Family for your child to stay with as well as the general welfare of your child and making any arrangements that may be required.

Our responsibilities as Guardians include:

Meeting your child on arrival at the airport, and making all personal travel arrangements for exeat weekends, half terms and holidays as well as the return trip home.

Providing support, help and counseling as well as taking an active interest in your child's progress during his stay in the UK.

-In the event of your child staying in England over the long school holidays, this can also be arranged.

Communicate with the school on behalf of the parents and keep the parents informed of school matters.

- In co-operation with the school, monitor and supervise the child's progress and assist in the choice of options within the curriculum.

- Report to the parent the child's progress.

- Attend parent/teacher meetings and school functions such as speech day, sport's day, plays and concerts when appropriate.

- Give the child personal and professional guidance when applying to Universities or Colleges of Further Education.

- Provide an immediate contact point for the child, the parent, the host family and the school 24 hours a day.

- Obtain a letter of consent from the parents to act on behalf of the parent, e.g. permission to sign a consent form in cases of emergency operations or medical treatment.

- Control all finance on behalf of parents.

- Accommodate or arrange accommodation for the pupil at half term and those weekends when the school is closed.

- Ensure that arrangements for children to return to their home country on holiday and at the end of term are made, including visa requirements and transport to and from the Airport.

- Liase with the school in order to make arrangements for these holidays.

- Identify suitable host families for pupils and ensure that the child is totally happy with the family; and make any necessary changes.

Contact Information

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