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  English Summer Courses For Adults & Children  
  Courses run from Monday until Friday each week and offer flexibility in choice between a full day, two half days or simply coming for the mornings or afternoons alone. The scope and breadth of the courses is unusually wide and designed for both adults and young people. It is aimed to satisfy all ages, interests and abilities.

Families can enjoy as much or as little independence as they choose but, above all, no one has to be restricted by what the others want to do. It is the blend of young and old that makes the atmosphere at Summer School so vibrant and all encompassing. Evenings can be spent together or, if preferred, taking part in the numerous entertainments on offer. Summer School is about being independent together, where the problems of pleasing all the family are sorted for you.

Contact Information

Mrs. Noone Minasian, Mrs. Marina Ter-Akopian

56 Townshend Court, Allitsen Road, London, Greater London, NW8 6LW, United Kingdom

+44 (0) 7795973363 & +44 (0) 7795364204


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