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  For nearly 10 years my family has been involved in private education in the UK. We built up excellent relationships with boarding schools throughout the country.

Our knowledge and experience in this sector have enabled us to guide thousands of parents when selecting a boarding school for their children.

We can offer you this expertise and much more. We will also assist you with applications, enrolment and, for those coming from abroad, advice on guardianship. In short, our commitment is to provide you with a first class one-to-one service until the right school has been found for your child and a place has been offered.
Contact Information

Mrs. Noone Minasian, Mrs. Marina Ter-Akopian

56 Townshend Court, Allitsen Road, London, Greater London, NW8 6LW, United Kingdom

+44 (0) 7795973363 & +44 (0) 7795364204


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